Jonathan Aitken to speak on prison learning

Jonathan Aitken

The former British Cabinet Minister and ex-prisoner Jonathan Aitken will travel to Berlin later this year to explain how technology can help to improve education in the prison system.


Mr Aitken, a former defence procurement and treasury minister, will join participants at ‘Security and Defence Learning’ on November 30th, for a discussion on technology-assisted learning and the prison system. Mr Aitken, who served an eighteen month prison sentence after a high profile trial and his subsequent conviction for perjury, is expected to discuss both how education in prisons can be improved with the use of new technology and how extremism can be combatted.


The use of technology to expand and improve prison education offers a significant opportunity to reduce rates of reoffending. A recent report by Britain’s RSA, ‘The Learning Prison,’ concluded that “prison is exactly the kind of environment where technologies can make a big difference and where innovation should be encouraged.”


Other speakers at the conference will include the head of training of the Royal Air Force, Air Vice Marshal Mark Green; the Rector Commandant of the National Defence University of Poland, Major General Romuald Ratajczak; the Director of the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom, Lieutenant General Andrew Graham; and the Head of the Critical Infrastructure Department of Germany’s National Cyber Defence Centre, Dr Harald Niggemann.


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