Russia enters simulated warfare

Nikolai MakarovPhoto by Juerg Vollmer

The Russian military has announced plans to catch up with other world powers in the use of simulation training.


The United States has been using simulator based training for its Army, Air Force and Navy for over a decade and has massively increased its ability both to cut training costs for aviators and to adapt to developing threats in current theatres of combat.


The Russian military now appears to be considering the development of a similar cost cutting training system. A battlefield simulator is being produced by Transas New Technologies and will allow for 3D simulation training for combat theatres. Transas, a subsidiary of Transas Group, based in St. Petersburg and employing 1,500 personnel, has until recently concentrated their software development on educational IT equipment for museums and galleries.


Chief of the General Staff, Gen. Nikolai Makarov recently told the Ria Novoki news agency that the system would be “comparable and in some aspects even superior to those implemented in countries with the most advanced military forces”.


The statement comes days after several senior officers resigned over Gen. Makarov's reforms of the Russian Army, apparently unhappy at what they perceive as a state of constant experimentation.


In the past month Russia has stated that it wishes to adopt a more bi-partisan approach to relations with countries including both the Ukraine and United Kingdom in an effort to increase its knowledge base of expertise and develop relationships of trust.


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