NATO General: we need global training


Lieutenant General Karlheinz ViereckTop NATO eLearning specialist Lieutenant General Karlheinz Viereck has said that he believes there is a need for “global training” to deal with many of the crises and emergencies affecting different countries.


General Viereck was speaking at a workshop on ‘improving cooperation in crisis and emergency response’ organized by the New Security Foundation at the eLearning Africa conference in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. He said that there is currently a great deal of “duplication of effort” in training for emergency response but that online learning has created new opportunities for improving information sharing and cooperation.


A firm believer in greater cooperation with the African Union, General Viereck is convinced that international organisations could coordinate their training packages much more effectively, in order to share their expertise and improve their response to emergencies. He said that often there was no need for different organisations to keep spending more money on developing very similar training programmes. They now have the opportunity to share their expertise and pool resources, particularly as they increasingly work closely together in multi-national, multi-sectoral operations.


Other speakers at the session included Peter Kalanzi of Helsinki College, who spoke about teacher training and online learning in war-torn countries; Kolade Kamila Bolarinwa of the University of Agriculture in Abeokuta, Nigeria, who described the use of elearning for agricultural training in the conflict zone of Taraba; and Tashmin Khamis of the Aga Khan University, who presented an imaginative eLearning solution to medical problems in parts of Pakistan affected by flooding and landslides.


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