Britain's nuclear students train at Czech Technical University


©Ben Fairless - British students at the Czech Technical University's Department of Nuclear Reactors will be learning to avoid a Chernobyl-type incident


Students from the UK Defence Academy’s Nuclear Advanced Course 52 recently visited the Czech Technical University in Prague and were given a unique opportunity to operate the VR-1 reactor based there.

The Defence Academy students’s trip to the reactor is a reminder of the United Kingdom’s close links to the Czech Republic in the field of security training and was intended to build on the knowledge of reactor physics through lectures and experiments. The students and department staff operated the reactor under the supervision of staff from the Czech Technical University.

VR-1 reactors have significant similarities to the Pressurised Water Reactors used on British Nuclear Submarines and can be re-configured to cater for the needs of the user, providing different flux profiles for a variety of experiments carried out by students.

The practical approach this allows students gives the opportunity to increase the scientific and engineering understanding behind how such a light water moderated reactor operates. Measurements taken will allow students to observe the stability of fuel rods and other physical aspects of the reactor that may have been lost in the maths based work required on the course.


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